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After coming across various forms of multimedia that featured some of my biggest heroes following their dreams, I was left with feelings of enlightenment, freedom, and purpose.   These works of art not only showed me an adventurous life beyond the modern american dream, but also made me realize that it was never too late to change the direction of your future.  Once I came to this conclusion,  I wanted nothing more than to take part in helping others feel the same.
  -Athena Gomez-Hipolito, Founder of Girlish Writings

Girlish Writings started off as a collective of College Writers, Producers, Photographers, Models, Dreamers, Heart breakers, Hopeless Romantics, and Athletes who were in constant  search of inspiration  that reflected creativity and individuality.  Together, in 2009, we created a website that allowed us to share various forms of fashion, love, beauty, businesses, foods, music, art, charities, talent and  stories.

Girlish Writings was a way for us to reveal our dreams, thoughts, experiences and likes while at the same time inspiring readers to embrace creativity, follow their dreams, and to return again to share their own experiences.

It's been five years now and although many of the original Girlish Writers have moved on to greener pastures, there're still a small number who remain forever committed to the  Girlish Writings mission. 

Please feel free to offer feedback via email at girlishwritings@gmail.com and participate through comments and interaction you deem fit as well.    

Writers ALWAYS Wanted
If you would like to submit articles to be featured in Girlish Writings or simply would like help promoting your own creative outlets, please email girlishwritings@gmail.com under the  subject "GW articles"

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