Braidspiration Anyone?

I was going to wait until winter to put this vlog on my site, but after getting some positive feedback from my friends and realizing that worrying over negative feedback is simply unproductive, I decided to just post it!  Besides this site is where my audience is!

In my first official vlog post, I discuss why I decided to test the Vlogverse waters  and attempt to  show you how to create a unique fishtail braid inspired by YouTube Sensation, Andreaschoice

PS Apologies, for using improper terminology when explaining this hairstyle! I'll get better I promise! #needtoexpandmyvocabulary 

Author: Athena Gomez-Hipolito

Take me there, Take me anywhere

I've always been full of wanderlust.  Although I love New England and wouldn't mind settling down here one day, there's something inside me that yearns to get away for a little bit. Fortunately, I've had the opportunity to travel to numerous areas in the past few years.  I've been to the peaceful Adirondacks, the overrated Los Angeles, the underrated Toronto, the restless NYC,  the "unforgettable" Vegas, and the laid-back Daytona.  However, it's when I see photos like the ones listed below, that I'm reminded of the fact that there's still so much more for me to explore....  

I need to be there....
 Author: Athena Gomez-Hipolito
Photography: Tumblr