A Girlish Writer Makes Her Vow...

It was a only a couple of months ago that fellow Girlish Writer and sister, Kristina, and her fiance made the decision to finally get married. Although the two had planned on doing so for nearly 5 years, they were not privy to the stressful idea of planning a wedding and saw no need in rushing.

Of course, when they did decide to actually "tie the knot", everyone was thrilled. From that day forward, the Bride and Groom's closest family and friends collaborated in putting together a magnificent wedding.  Our goal,  with the little time we had, simply was to make it a day the Bride and Groom could always cherish.  Fortunately, thanks to Messy Air Productions, it was a day that will never be forgotten...

Featuring: Kristina and Zachary Steinbruck
Filmed by: Michael Messier and Michael Hokanson
Edited by: Chris Sekerak
Music: I Would Do Anything For You by Foster The People

Author: Athena Gomez-Hipolito