Commercial Drive Licorice Parlour

When the Girlish Writers had the opportunity to interview Watermelon (Mary Jean Dunsdon), we were left amazed and inspired. She clearly is a confident woman who makes sure her dreams come true and always has fun along the way.  With that being said, we were so excited when we found out that she opened Commercial Drive Licorice Parlour; a place dedicated to sweets and hula hoops!

Video: OptikLocal featuring Commercial Drive Licorice Parlour and owner Mary Jean Dunsdon aka Watermelon

Girlish Bachelorettes in Space

When a Girlish Writer is about to get married, one can expect a pretty outrageous and creative bachelorette party.  However, when the Girlish Writer happens to my sister/best friend.....well, let's just say things can get pretty "spacey"

This Is Why I'm Not That Girl

While sitting at my office desk a few weeks ago organizing files, Lana Del Rey's melancholy song "This Is What Makes Us Girls" popped up on my Pandora.

Though the song seems to epitomize the actions and thoughts of teenagers,  I feel that women beyond their teen years can relate to it as well.   On top of already being more expressive and sensitive in comparison to guys, girls at every age tend to give their hearts away so easily that love becomes the top, and sometimes only, priority.  
In many cases, we girls are so into our 'lovaas' that we sacrifice our own interests and the people in our lives who care about us. We ultimately end up losing our sense of self-worth and independence, which in turn, makes falling hard and getting hurt a continuous cycle.
Like a broken record, irrational hopes and dreams of love are on repeat in our heads. When it finally stops spinning, the silence is deafening. And, in typical girlish fashion, we comfort ourselves by stuffing our faces with a recipe of:

  • 3 tablespoons of anxiety
  • 1/2 a cup of hopelessness
  • a dash of self-loathing 
  • and a whole ton of  long-lasting resentment (mostly towards ourselves)

  • WARNING: This concoction of negativity can be lethal physically and mentally!

    Every woman has her breaking point; at the age of 22, I finally had mine.  For the first time, I was sick and tired of constantly being the girl who cared so much about love. I was over the illusion that I could depend on a man for happiness.  But most importantly, I was done being the naive dreamer crying about "how I hate those guys."  #ICANT 

    It was time to grow up and become a woman that I could always be proud of. After adjusting my attitude, making a few tough decisions, and learning the tips that I'm about share with you, I had a spring and summer of unforgettable memories that I can call my own.