How to Make A Party That Much More Enjoyable : Have a Photo Shoot!

On numerous occasions before, during, or after a party, I along with my sister (X_GM) and friends would have photo shoots just to make the setting that much more enjoyable.  By having a fun photo shoot with a few beers and cocktails, responsibly and legally of course, we were able to come up with most creative and somewhat ridiculous ideas.
The photo shoots were great ways to boost our self confidence, maintain positive energy, and gave us the opportunity in creating some pretty awesome memories.

So the next time you decide to hit the bars or have a little house party, Try having your own photo shoot and see what you can come up with! All you need is a Good Quality Camera, some lights (spot lights work best),a few fun props, great music and a decent concealer.

Here's a pregame photo shoot some friends and I did a couple of months ago before we hit the bars:

Author: Athena Gomez-Hipolito
Photography: XG_M Photography

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