How to Make A Party That Much More Enjoyable : Have a Photo Shoot!

On numerous occasions before, during, or after a party, I along with my sister (X_GM) and friends would have photo shoots just to make the setting that much more enjoyable.  By having a fun photo shoot with a few beers and cocktails, responsibly and legally of course, we were able to come up with most creative and somewhat ridiculous ideas.


"It's In Your Hands To Make Your Dreams Come True"


Photography Source: WeHeartIt

It's Time To Come Back!

Though it is no secret to many of my early readers, Girlish Writings in the past 4 years has  transformed quite a bit from what it was when I started it. What once was an insignificant blog written exclusively by me on tumblr has now become a beautifully designed (Thanks Colourful Carla!) online magazine featuring the ideas and work of many!     

I'm so proud to say, thanks to my fellow Girlish Writers, that although Girlish Writings has had many physical changes, the meaning and purpose of the blogzine continues to stay the same: a site where young women can freely reveal their dreams, thoughts and experiences in hopes to inspire others to do the same.  With that being said however, I've also realized that the content, style and abundance of MY Own articles is not what it used to be.   

Relationships (A Time to Be Selfish)

Selfish: (adj.) devoted to or caring only for oneself; concerned primarily with one’s
own interests, benefits, welfare, etc., regardless of others

There are countless instances in life when one has to be selfish. Unfortunately, others often view selfishness with negativity. However, when it comes to intimate relationships, being selfish can be viewed as a necessity due to the fact that your happiness is vital to a successful relationship.