How to be a Heartbreaker and So Much More

A few weeks ago, due to my excessive yet very expected need to procrastinate before falling asleep, I decided to browse through videos on vimeo that related to love and me it  was as pathetic as it sounds now.   Fortunately, It was only after the first depressing video, when I came across Marina and the Diamond's music video, "How To Be A Heart Breaker".
It was only until halfway through the video that my mood instantly changed from sadness and a bit of pity to feelings of excitement,  motivation, and empowerment.  Not only was this song funny and intriguing, it honestly inspired me to be in control of myself as well as any intimate relationship I come across.

After listening to four more of her songs including her top hit "Primadonna Girl", I had made the decision that she was a woman I could look up to.

According to her interview with Glamour Magazine, UK edition, when asked to describe the message she was trying to convey in her album, Marina Diamandis stated:

I guess the main message is centered around what we all think love should be. What we expect from it, and what the reality of it is. There is some questioning of identity in there. I changed my look so radically. Partly to become someone else and separate myself from being that love-lorn person. Partly because I wanted to see how differently I would be perceived because of it. I was interested in the power of image - it's what pop stars are built on. And how weak that image simultaneously is. For example, you take it all off when you go to bed at night.

So ladies, if your looking for a change in attitude, reassurance of your feelings when it comes to men and relationships, or simply some kick ass music that one can dance and relate to, I seriously suggest you add Marina and the Diamonds to your playlist.  

Author: Athena Gomez-Mayer
Sources: Vimeo and Marina and the Diamonds website

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