A Special Lady

It's been a while since my sister and I have collaborated with photo shoots.  Due to the lack of time and money,we've seemed to loose sight of how much fun we really have doing them.  So, when my old college friend , Samantha Creed, asked us if we could help out with her portfolio, we broke out the ideas and got to work on her first of many photo shoots.

Because of Sam's versatile face and innate ability to get into any character, it really was easy for me to create simple looks with a few props that easily broke away from "the girl next door" pictures she had prior to seeing us.  For this particular shoot we really wanted maintain the simplicity of the theme whilst enhancing the mood to an artistic level.

For more photos check out http://xgm.weebly.com

Author: Athena Gomez-Hipolito
Photographer and editor: XGM (Kristina Gomez-Mayer)
Creative Director: Athena Gomez-Hipolito
Model: Samantha Creed

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