A Special Lady

It's been a while since my sister and I have collaborated with photo shoots.  Due to the lack of time and money,we've seemed to loose sight of how much fun we really have doing them.  So, when my old college friend , Samantha Creed, asked us if we could help out with her portfolio, we broke out the ideas and got to work on her first of many photo shoots.

Go Paleo!!

An Inspirational Story That Breaks Away From The "D" Word 

I remember the first time I ever felt "fat".  I was eight years old and it was the first day of rehearsals for a children’s theatre production of “Aesop’s Fables”.  You know – “The Goose With The Golden Egg”, “The Hare and the Tortoise”, “The Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing” - those.  I had been cast as City Mouse in “The City Mouse and the Country Mouse” portion of the play, and was terribly distraught.  I did not want to be the City Mouse, not at all.  I wanted to play Sadie, the youngest and funniest of the four narrating sheep. Sadie was not a smart sheep.  She delivered the punch line of every joke, and even in childhood I was drawn to comic-relief character roles.  Also, the narrating sheep got to be on stage between every fable, making them the largest and most coveted parts in the show.

But I was not cast as Sadie.  I was cast as City Mouse.  So, who was the little girl that got to play Sadie?  What did she have that I did not have? She was obviously better than me in some way and I wanted to know in what way it was.  As soon as I saw ‘Sadie’, I thought I knew exactly why she had gotten the part and I had not.  It was simple:  She was petite and I was slightly overweight.  It was the most immediate and discerning conclusion that I could come up with, and it was true.  I was a chubby kid.  And so, the ongoing battle with weight and food. Thus, the counting, depriving and worrying began; before I’d gotten my period, thought of kissing a boy or even needed a bra.