When in doubt, 90's it out!

Considering the fact that Christmas is tomorrow and that it's been ages since I've written on this site; I suppose now would be a perfect time to reveal to all of you a post consisting of wit, depth, compassion, beauty, and knowledge.

Unfortunately, I've never been good with timing.....  

Let's just say the moment I got off the procrastination train, I contracted what bloggers consider to be the worst kind of sickness;  Writers Block!  

What makes this situation worse is the fact that during my time of exile, I could not come up with a decent excuse to justify my lack of creativity and inspiration.  Although 2013 for me has been a year full of wild memories, adventures, and life long lessons, nothing has come to mind!  

So, as I wallow in some self pity and continue to hunt for inspiration for my next post, I figure the least I could do now is post Christmas pics and gifs that will throw you back and make you laugh.


Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Boy Meets World

Hey Arnold

Lizzie McGuire

That's So Raven

Kenan & Kel



Author: Athena Gomez-Hipolito
Photography and Gif Source: Tumblr (Rugrats, Doug, Kenan &Kel, Lizzie McGuire, Boy Meets World, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Hey Arnold, and Friends)

"Say something, I'm giving up on you......"

I'm not going to lie; when I heard this song on the radio for the first time, I was brought to tears. I couldn't help it; the simple lyrics behind this beautiful song were just so real and heartfelt. There are many of us out there who have truly cared for someone else other than ourselves, but ultimately had to surrender because the feelings were never going to be reciprocated.

 What makes this song different from any other breakup song is the fact that the singer is not being spiteful or dramatic. On the contrary, he's actually being a good sport about the whole thing.  Even though he wants so badly be to with this person that he loves so much, he's becoming aware that she doesn't feel the same way and that he still has a lot to learn. Although he's hoping that she'll try to change his mind, he knows in the end he'll have to give up for both their sake.

Author: Athena Gomez-Hipolito
Music: "Say Something" by A Great Big World

A Girlish Writer Makes Her Vow...

It was a only a couple of months ago that fellow Girlish Writer and sister, Kristina, and her fiance made the decision to finally get married. Although the two had planned on doing so for nearly 5 years, they were not privy to the stressful idea of planning a wedding and saw no need in rushing.

Of course, when they did decide to actually "tie the knot", everyone was thrilled. From that day forward, the Bride and Groom's closest family and friends collaborated in putting together a magnificent wedding.  Our goal,  with the little time we had, simply was to make it a day the Bride and Groom could always cherish.  Fortunately, thanks to Messy Air Productions, it was a day that will never be forgotten...

Featuring: Kristina and Zachary Steinbruck
Filmed by: Michael Messier and Michael Hokanson
Edited by: Chris Sekerak
Music: I Would Do Anything For You by Foster The People

Author: Athena Gomez-Hipolito

Commercial Drive Licorice Parlour

When the Girlish Writers had the opportunity to interview Watermelon (Mary Jean Dunsdon), we were left amazed and inspired. She clearly is a confident woman who makes sure her dreams come true and always has fun along the way.  With that being said, we were so excited when we found out that she opened Commercial Drive Licorice Parlour; a place dedicated to sweets and hula hoops!

Video: OptikLocal featuring Commercial Drive Licorice Parlour and owner Mary Jean Dunsdon aka Watermelon

Girlish Bachelorettes in Space

When a Girlish Writer is about to get married, one can expect a pretty outrageous and creative bachelorette party.  However, when the Girlish Writer happens to my sister/best friend.....well, let's just say things can get pretty "spacey"

This Is Why I'm Not That Girl

While sitting at my office desk a few weeks ago organizing files, Lana Del Rey's melancholy song "This Is What Makes Us Girls" popped up on my Pandora.

Though the song seems to epitomize the actions and thoughts of teenagers,  I feel that women beyond their teen years can relate to it as well.   On top of already being more expressive and sensitive in comparison to guys, girls at every age tend to give their hearts away so easily that love becomes the top, and sometimes only, priority.  
In many cases, we girls are so into our 'lovaas' that we sacrifice our own interests and the people in our lives who care about us. We ultimately end up losing our sense of self-worth and independence, which in turn, makes falling hard and getting hurt a continuous cycle.
Like a broken record, irrational hopes and dreams of love are on repeat in our heads. When it finally stops spinning, the silence is deafening. And, in typical girlish fashion, we comfort ourselves by stuffing our faces with a recipe of:

  • 3 tablespoons of anxiety
  • 1/2 a cup of hopelessness
  • a dash of self-loathing 
  • and a whole ton of  long-lasting resentment (mostly towards ourselves)

  • WARNING: This concoction of negativity can be lethal physically and mentally!

    Every woman has her breaking point; at the age of 22, I finally had mine.  For the first time, I was sick and tired of constantly being the girl who cared so much about love. I was over the illusion that I could depend on a man for happiness.  But most importantly, I was done being the naive dreamer crying about "how I hate those guys."  #ICANT 

    It was time to grow up and become a woman that I could always be proud of. After adjusting my attitude, making a few tough decisions, and learning the tips that I'm about share with you, I had a spring and summer of unforgettable memories that I can call my own.

    Kiss Your Stress GoodBye

    No one ever solved a problem by stressing out about it, but stress is inevitable. As humans, we have a natural tendency to stress. We stress out about everything and in some instances go completely mental about the smallest things.

    How to Make A Party That Much More Enjoyable : Have a Photo Shoot!

    On numerous occasions before, during, or after a party, I along with my sister (X_GM) and friends would have photo shoots just to make the setting that much more enjoyable.  By having a fun photo shoot with a few beers and cocktails, responsibly and legally of course, we were able to come up with most creative and somewhat ridiculous ideas.


    "It's In Your Hands To Make Your Dreams Come True"


    Photography Source: WeHeartIt

    It's Time To Come Back!

    Though it is no secret to many of my early readers, Girlish Writings in the past 4 years has  transformed quite a bit from what it was when I started it. What once was an insignificant blog written exclusively by me on tumblr has now become a beautifully designed (Thanks Colourful Carla!) online magazine featuring the ideas and work of many!     

    I'm so proud to say, thanks to my fellow Girlish Writers, that although Girlish Writings has had many physical changes, the meaning and purpose of the blogzine continues to stay the same: a site where young women can freely reveal their dreams, thoughts and experiences in hopes to inspire others to do the same.  With that being said however, I've also realized that the content, style and abundance of MY Own articles is not what it used to be.   

    Relationships (A Time to Be Selfish)

    Selfish: (adj.) devoted to or caring only for oneself; concerned primarily with one’s
    own interests, benefits, welfare, etc., regardless of others

    There are countless instances in life when one has to be selfish. Unfortunately, others often view selfishness with negativity. However, when it comes to intimate relationships, being selfish can be viewed as a necessity due to the fact that your happiness is vital to a successful relationship.

    So(ul) Real

    As many readers may already know, I'm a huge admirer of Creative People and great music; so once I watched and listened toVillain Notsha's  music video, "So(ul) Real", I had to share it with all of you!


    Source: Weheartit

    How to be a Heartbreaker and So Much More

    A few weeks ago, due to my excessive yet very expected need to procrastinate before falling asleep, I decided to browse through videos on vimeo that related to love and heartbreaks....trust me it  was as pathetic as it sounds now.   Fortunately, It was only after the first depressing video, when I came across Marina and the Diamond's music video, "How To Be A Heart Breaker".

    Creative Reflections Craft

    Lately it's been really hard finding the time to experiment with some crafts, but once the idea on how to create an original mirror came to mind, I had to rush to AC Moore. The reason I really liked this craft so much was because it hardly took any time, it's a really cool way to spruce up a plain room, and it gave me a chance to express a bit of my personality in the most creative way possible.

    Worrying Is Stupid

    Wiz Khalifa once said, “Worrying is stupid. It's like walking around with an umbrella waiting for it to rain.”

    For the few readers who know me personally, it may seem a bit ironic and hypocritical that I'm writing an article about such a statement. Being a constant dreamer, I tend to obsess about worrying over the future to the point where it seems as though I happily live by it.  Well, I don't enjoy it one bit and I'm slowly realizing it's no way to live; especially when you're as young as I am.

    A Special Lady

    It's been a while since my sister and I have collaborated with photo shoots.  Due to the lack of time and money,we've seemed to loose sight of how much fun we really have doing them.  So, when my old college friend , Samantha Creed, asked us if we could help out with her portfolio, we broke out the ideas and got to work on her first of many photo shoots.

    Go Paleo!!

    An Inspirational Story That Breaks Away From The "D" Word 

    I remember the first time I ever felt "fat".  I was eight years old and it was the first day of rehearsals for a children’s theatre production of “Aesop’s Fables”.  You know – “The Goose With The Golden Egg”, “The Hare and the Tortoise”, “The Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing” - those.  I had been cast as City Mouse in “The City Mouse and the Country Mouse” portion of the play, and was terribly distraught.  I did not want to be the City Mouse, not at all.  I wanted to play Sadie, the youngest and funniest of the four narrating sheep. Sadie was not a smart sheep.  She delivered the punch line of every joke, and even in childhood I was drawn to comic-relief character roles.  Also, the narrating sheep got to be on stage between every fable, making them the largest and most coveted parts in the show.

    But I was not cast as Sadie.  I was cast as City Mouse.  So, who was the little girl that got to play Sadie?  What did she have that I did not have? She was obviously better than me in some way and I wanted to know in what way it was.  As soon as I saw ‘Sadie’, I thought I knew exactly why she had gotten the part and I had not.  It was simple:  She was petite and I was slightly overweight.  It was the most immediate and discerning conclusion that I could come up with, and it was true.  I was a chubby kid.  And so, the ongoing battle with weight and food. Thus, the counting, depriving and worrying began; before I’d gotten my period, thought of kissing a boy or even needed a bra.