Wedges : A comfortable alternative.

 Forever 21 $32.80

This summer stores have been stocking wedges. I see wedges as the less-chunky version of a platform shoe. They allow women to be comfortable (as opposed to sky high heels) while still looking good. My favorite type of wedge is the woven wedge. The khaki color sandals remind me of a warm, sunny beach day. These sandals can be worn with a variety of outfits and social events from the beach to the club.

I like to wear my wedges with a pair of white shorts and a loose fitting tank. For example, try this outfit from Forever 21. The stylish top will compliment any figure. And for $14.80, it's a super cute find. The white pleated shorts are made of lightweight material and go for the same price. Add the wedges and it's a great way to show off your sexy legs without the uneasiness of wearing stilettos on the boardwalk.

 Their style and versatility will let you wear them with almost any  dress.  Check out this fun “Lund dress” from the designer BB Dakota: $65. It's cute and flirty and the contrasting colors really compliment the model's features.

These great alternatives can be worn confidently throughout the summer and early fall  months, day in and night out.

Author: Margaret Gaby

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