Indie Film of the Month: Dreamland

There’s no doubt that this year’s fall is in for some rainy weather where all you can do is stay inside, rest in your home and watch a few movies.  But instead of watching your favorite actors and actresses on a film that you’ve already seen or heard about all over the media, why not watch them on an independent film? 
Independent films, often referred to as “Indie films”, are perhaps Hollywood’s best kept secret, in the sense that they only ones who seem to know about them is anyone in the movie business.  Unlike films that are produced by a major film studio in order to entertain and make a profit, Indie films are made for the love and passion of the story. In many viewers’ opinions, including the ones who determine the Academy Awards, Indie films provide original story lines and the boldest work of any famous actor or actress.

Dreamland is a coming of age film set in the deserts of New Mexico and explores the ideas of friendship,
love, independence, and dreams.  Dreamland is an isolated neighborhood of mobile homes where a girl named Audrey (Agnes Bruckner) lives with her agoraphobic father after the death of her mother. Despite her secret desires to go college, Audrey has made the decision to stay in Dreamland where she is needed by her grief stricken father( John Corbett) and her best friend Calista (Kelly Garner), who suffers from multiple scleroses. However, the summer after graduation, her decision becomes challenged when a young man named Mookie (Justin Long) moves into the neighborhood.  Soon after, Audrey, who has always put others before herself, begins to think of her own needs and struggles within herself to find a balance between her morals and happiness.
What makes Dreamland a great Indie film is its realistic complexity that mirrors the lives and crises people go through.  The dynamic stories of the supporting characters, conversations, and breath taking cinematography- as well as the presence of controversial and relatable issues- gives one the sense that Dreamland is a real place. Ultimately, it shows that although relationships and unexpected circumstances help build paths for one’s future, only the dreams and the love one has for him or herself can define and direct it.

Author: Athena Gomez-Hipolito
Photography: Owned by Echo Lake Productions

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