Ear Cuff Trend Sweeps the Lobe

Are you the kind of girl who spends more time accessorizing than sleeping? ME TOO! Last summer, I chopped my hair the shortest I’ve ever had it, almost into a bob. While I’ve always loved chandelier earrings and hoops, my new hairstyle gave me an excuse to shop for even bigger, more outrageous earrings.

Fast forward to the end of summer 2012 and I am still on the hunt for awesome ear embellishments. My latest addiction? Ear cuffs. This new-age jewelry can range from a single, conservative cuff to one that consumes your entire lobe. Stars like Fergie and Rihanna have been on the trend for a while, and now you can buy stunning cuffs and chains from stores such as Top Shop and Urban Outfitters.
These ear pieces are a must-have; way cooler than traditional earrings, and when hair is short or swept to one side, they are a sexy statement piece.

Here are a few of my favorites:


This cuff is cute, classy, and you don’t even need to have your ears pierced to rock it. You can wear is as high or low as you please on your lobe, and still sport your own studs if you do have holes.

While this piece is more elaborate, it still works for those with or without ear piercings. Wear it out to dinner with parents or friends- I love that it gives your ear so much attention without any dangle!

This cuff has a chain connecting directly to a stud earring. The leaf accents and turquoise would look amazing with a Navajo print dress.


Here is where we get a tad more daring! This one cuffs around the back of your earlobe, so that all you see are rhinestone-tipped spikes stemming from your ear. Where this and shout, “Hey baby, I’m a ROCKSTAR!”

This last earring isn’t quite a cuff, but it’s at the same level of badass. 

This ring clips from your ear to your nose (no nose ring necessary). This is one earring that doesn’t want to be confined to prettying your sense of hearing; it wants to make your sense of smell sophisticated as well. 

Author: Maria Pedone

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