Tie Knotted Crop Tops!

Having recently graduated from college, I've found myself in a position where during the week I am broke and bored!Let's face it college grads, with this economy and our circumstances, the world is not ours yet to form. So, to let the time go by and save a little money, I've spent a substantial amount of time working on articles and DIY projects! 

Shaping Yourself Into the Strong Person You CAN Be!

April 30, 2012 was the first time I ever put food into my mouth and did not feel guilt.

Let’s be honest, ladies:  Most of us think about every single piece of nutrition that goes into our mouth, whether we are actively trying to be our healthiest selves or not.  In an effort to deal with our food guilt, we make excuses.  “Everything in moderation”, “One piece won’t hurt”, “I’ll be ‘good’ tomorrow”, or – the very worst place to be – “I’m so far gone, it doesn't matter”

Indie Film of the Month: Dreamland

There’s no doubt that this year’s fall is in for some rainy weather where all you can do is stay inside, rest in your home and watch a few movies.  But instead of watching your favorite actors and actresses on a film that you’ve already seen or heard about all over the media, why not watch them on an independent film? 
Independent films, often referred to as “Indie films”, are perhaps Hollywood’s best kept secret, in the sense that they only ones who seem to know about them is anyone in the movie business.  Unlike films that are produced by a major film studio in order to entertain and make a profit, Indie films are made for the love and passion of the story. In many viewers’ opinions, including the ones who determine the Academy Awards, Indie films provide original story lines and the boldest work of any famous actor or actress.

Dreamland is a coming of age film set in the deserts of New Mexico and explores the ideas of friendship,

Ear Cuff Trend Sweeps the Lobe

Are you the kind of girl who spends more time accessorizing than sleeping? ME TOO! Last summer, I chopped my hair the shortest I’ve ever had it, almost into a bob. While I’ve always loved chandelier earrings and hoops, my new hairstyle gave me an excuse to shop for even bigger, more outrageous earrings.

Fast forward to the end of summer 2012 and I am still on the hunt for awesome ear embellishments. My latest addiction? Ear cuffs. This new-age jewelry can range from a single, conservative cuff to one that consumes your entire lobe. Stars like Fergie and Rihanna have been on the trend for a while, and now you can buy stunning cuffs and chains from stores such as Top Shop and Urban Outfitters.
These ear pieces are a must-have; way cooler than traditional earrings, and when hair is short or swept to one side, they are a sexy statement piece.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Wedges : A comfortable alternative.

 Forever 21 $32.80

This summer stores have been stocking wedges. I see wedges as the less-chunky version of a platform shoe. They allow women to be comfortable (as opposed to sky high heels) while still looking good. My favorite type of wedge is the woven wedge. The khaki color sandals remind me of a warm, sunny beach day. These sandals can be worn with a variety of outfits and social events from the beach to the club.