Haircare for Natural Hair

 Any product junkie will tell you that natural hair products are in right now! For example, many shampoos have harsh chemicals such as sulfates. These chemicals are also the same cleansing substances found in detergents! For many heads (especially curly and course hair) these can be very damaging. They dry out the hair making it very difficult to manage and style.

Many people with this curly hair type need to moisturize their hair every day and the drying shampoos and gels from the local drugstore prevent this from happening. Until recently, there haven’t been any alternatives, leaving the women with the coarse hair type to further damage their hair with harsh chemical relaxer treatments (perms) in order to manage their dry, tangled curls. This has also led to the very lucrative weave market where these women will cover their damaged hair with wigs and alter its appearance.

Luckily, there has been an explosion of natural hair products that help retain moisture and enable creative styling. Here are some steps to do just that.

1.)   Shampoo hair with all natural moisturizing shampoo (such as Trader Joe's Tea Tree oil)
2.)   Condition with an all-natural moisturizing conditioner (such as Audrey Organics Rosemary/Dry Brittle from Whole Foods) and finger comb/detangle hair for 1 to 5 minutes before washing out.
3.)   While hair is still dripping wet, generously apply a leave-in conditioner (such as Kinky Curly from Whole Foods). Scrunch the ends
4.)   Style with an all-natural gel/cream (such as Kinky Curly Curling Custard from Whole Foods).
5.)   Seal in the moisture with chemical free jojoba oil (Sally's Beauty supply store) by putting the oil on scalp and at the ends of hair.
6.)   All this usually only needs to be done once/twice a week. When the hair is not freshly washed all is needed is a refresher/spritz (such as Quenched Curls daily moisturizer from
7.)   Make sure to deep condition with pure virgin olive oil once a week.
8.)   To trim hair (¼ inch) with trimming shears at least every 6 weeks. This will help your hair grow.
I found a few great videos explaining hair regimens for different hair types. The girls are from and I can say that they are doing an awesome job at finding some affordable products for their time consuming hair types.

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Author: Margaret Gaby
Photography: David Evans

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