I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself

This song and specifically this music video is perhaps one of my all time favorites for the fact that anybody

High school Yearbook Dressing

Swirl: A Revolutionary App for Fashionistas!

When it comes to shopping for outfits, I don’t dress to impress, I dress to express; which means I hardly ever buy clothes on impulse.  Almost every type of clothing and accessory that I own has been methodically chosen based on a combination of look, comfort, price, quality, uniqueness, ambiguity, my mood of the day, and of course ideas formed from my inspiration and imagination. When it comes to shopping, I try to avoid just picking out outfits online that look good on someone else’s body  and allow me to keep up with the style.  Instead, I take great joy and pride in going out to stores and finding outfits that I can work with in order to create and express my own unique style.

Haircare for Natural Hair

 Any product junkie will tell you that natural hair products are in right now! For example, many shampoos have harsh chemicals such as sulfates. These chemicals are also the same cleansing substances found in detergents! For many heads (especially curly and course hair) these can be very damaging. They dry out the hair making it very difficult to manage and style.

Colourful Carla: spirit sticks DIY

One Six-Pack on the Rocks, Please?


Tumblr_lnx3c4fn981qm5btmo1_500_large When it comes to working out, there is always that moment of hesitation right before you strip off your cute jeans or comfy PJ’s and pull up those black spandex.  Ugh, do I really feel like running right now? It happens every time, even though you know you’re going to suck it up, grab your iPod, and get a move on before your mind wanders too far into last night’s leftovers.