6 Juicy Slices of Watermelon Advice

It’s one of the biggest, most buzz-worthy political issues today: legalization of marijuana. Some argue that this little green plant is devilish enough to degrade brain cells while others claim its THC content can aid cancer patients. Are those petitioning for legalization just a bunch of cotton-mouthed potheads or are users really on to something?
Well, Girlish Writings had the awesome opportunity of interviewing a lovely, educated, and self-made woman by the name of Watermelon. Watermelon was raised and continues to reside in Vancouver, Canada. Watermelon first got her nickname by selling watermelon slices on Vancouver’s clothing-optional Wreck Beach. But it wasn’t until Watermelon began selling marijuana ginger snap cookies at Wreck Beach that her name caught fire faster than a joint. 
So she sells pot cookies naked on a beach…what else? Watermelon is also an actress, stand-up comedian, pin-up model, and personality featured everywhere from CBC News and The Travel Channel to High Times and Cannabis Culture. And she produces her own cooking show called “Baking a Fool of Myself.” Pretty smokin’ resume for a stoner, eh?
But Girlish Writings wanted sort through the haze and find out what drives Watermelon to be as independent and successful as she is. Even if we can’t agree with what she’s promoting, we do have to give her credit for making a name for herself and pursuing her passions despite legal and social obstacles.

We asked Watermelon to describe her trajectory and here’s what she said:

“When I was younger and I tried to like, hey, audition so I could be on your project or try to be a part of everybody’s project, people were always uncertain of me and I always kind of weirded people out so I was forced into making my own projects ultimately, right?”

1st SLICE OF ADVICE: When life gives you lemons, make pot cookies.

Just kidding. But really, let’s analyze this. Sometimes it’s difficult for us girls to find a group of friends or a job or a sport where we really feel comfortable. So why settle??? Why not just make your own path instead of accepting the narrow roads that have already been paved?

2nd SLICE:Fuck it, I’m doing it myself!”

Waiting is annoying. Waiting for your dream job to pop up in the Penny Saver, waiting for the boy you met last week to call you, waiting for the perfect day to start running. Screw sitting around! Go hunt down that job, call that boy (yes, girls are allowed to make the first move), and put on your running shoes today.
“Especially as a woman you’ll just end up sitting around all the time. You just have to make it yourself and literally everything that I’ve done has been born from the frustration. The frustration that you find sometimes being a woman and getting your voice out, that actually is also so empowering that it made me so damn angry! I was like, FUCK IT, I’M DOING IT MYSELF.”

3rd SLICE: Bad things are good things.

A few years back, Watermelon got arrested for selling her marijuana ginger snaps and put on three different trials. Seems pretty terrible, but “oddly the arrest propelled me and branded my name nationally in Canada like, ‘OHH they caught the cookie girl!’ Marijuana cookies removed the stigma of drugs and terrifying propaganda that we were all fed.” It was Watermelon’s arrests that gained her news coverage and, in turn, community support.

“Everything bad that ever happened to me became something great later…every time you’re in the shit and you’re like, ‘Oh that’s terrible how am I going through this?’ Don’t get distracted. Bad things are good things, I promise you, they are.”

She continues, “obstacles are only obstacles. Once you get past them, they’re an empowerment.” She has been acquitted on 3 separate occasions, and because of this is more informed on how the legal system works and more equipped to fight an arrest should another occur. “I think to myself, if I live in fear then they’ve already won, and that just pisses me off.”

4th SLICE: It’s not all about you.

Watermelon had a Miss America answer when asked about her favorite part of her job: Happiness & helping others. She sees marijuana not as a drug, but a medicine. “First of all, it makes people happy. There’s such a happiness and joy that surrounds my job. If someone calls and their grandma’s not well and I send off some ginger snap cookies, they call back like ‘Oh my god, grandma slept great for the first time in months last night!”

She expresses her concern for the suffering elderly in our society:
“In 2012, what the world needs now, as medicine, is marijuana. Who really needs it is the elderly…I think it’ so crazy this whole debate about it. Sometimes medicine is in your kitchen or in your backyard, and you could take that medicine and grandma doesn’t always need to go to the doctor. She could just go clip a plant in her backyard and throw it in her fucking muffin in the morning and not have the pressure of glaucoma. It seems so simple but it’s interesting how hard and long the fight has been and we really haven’t come that far.”

5th SLICE: Love your Mama!

That’s right. Your mom made you, and when we asked Watermelon about her biggest inspiration, she proudly responded,

“My mom. She doesn’t smoke pot at all. But she loves to cook and she’s a real health nut…She’s on my cooking show and she’s really supportive of me. I have this motto that some people win the mom lottery and others don’t and boy, did I win the lottery! She’s just, “Go, sweetie!” on whatever I do. She’s behind me 100% and that kind of support is invaluable.”

6th SLICE: Be a person you can stand behind.

“I am outrageous, I like to party, I drive a bright pink Volkswagen van. There’s nothing quiet about me, so what I have is a code of conduct that I don’t like to deviate from. Be free, be wild, be crazy, be yourself but then have one little container like I don’t steal and I don’t pick on people that are weaker than me.”

Tumblr_lz53ch25mq1qa9yjmo1_500_largeWatermelon closes our interview with a Bob Dylan quote: “To live outside the law, you must be honest.” When you are honest, you have nothing to protect yourself besides your good name. So, “be a person you can always stand behind and then do whatever you want to do! And I mean WHATEVER you want to do!”

Author: Maria Pedone


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