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Newport, Rhode Island (Newport Mansions)  Preservation Society of Newport County

Dream Big

 I met D’Arcy in New York a few years ago, when both of our dreams were a bit unclear.  It was only after a cup of coffee and some pastries at a small shop in the Upper East Side, followed a few Facebook messages back and forth, that I realized that D’Arcy and I had a lot in common.  Although we weren’t sure of our journey, we definitely shared a passion for helping others, especially woman, to open their eyes to the beauty of life and love.

Fast forward to three years later and D’Arcy is now the owner and founder of D'Arcy Benincossa Photography, in which she is able to tell the stories of the countless people she meets through the lens of a camera.  Inspired by her drive, ambition, and most importantly her beautiful photography, I asked D’Arcy if she wouldn’t mind writing an inspirational article about her story for GW.  Of course being the artist that she is, she decided to go above and beyond a simple article.

Cinnamon Spinach and Berry Salad

At the end of April, a few of the Girlish Writers decided to get together to celebrate our last classes of the semester as well as Maria, Hope, Matt, and my graduation.  Having a strong desire to experiment with the video camera and acknowledging the fact that there’s nothing wrong with mixing a little business with pleasure, I thought it be a great idea to film some Instructional cooking videos.  I knew for my video that I wanted to make something that satisfied both my sweet tooth and love for fresh fruits and vegetables; so I decided to make the infamous Cinnamon Spinach and Berry Salad.

A Different Type of Workout

Sawan Mela 2010 
There are many different types of dance forms all around the world. One of the most energetic forms is the Punjabi (Indian) Bhangra or folk dance. This traditional dance was used to welcome the coming of spring in the farming areas. It has been universally called the dance of India.

Punjabi is a vibrant and boisterous dance that is great for exercise. So instead of complaining through boring old crunches, sit-ups and squats, why not enjoy a bit of culture and dance? Here’s a video of this full body workout dance phenomenon. In recent years it has been popularized in fusion with reggae, rap and hip-hop and through Bollywood (Indian Hollywood) films.
This is an English University team called Empire who frequently dominates the Bhangra Showdown competition in the UK. Traditionally, Bhangra was performed soley

6 Juicy Slices of Watermelon Advice

It’s one of the biggest, most buzz-worthy political issues today: legalization of marijuana. Some argue that this little green plant is devilish enough to degrade brain cells while others claim its THC content can aid cancer patients. Are those petitioning for legalization just a bunch of cotton-mouthed potheads or are users really on to something?
Well, Girlish Writings had the awesome opportunity of interviewing a lovely, educated, and self-made woman by the name of Watermelon. Watermelon was raised and continues to reside in Vancouver, Canada. Watermelon first got her nickname by selling watermelon slices on Vancouver’s clothing-optional Wreck Beach. But it wasn’t until Watermelon began selling marijuana ginger snap cookies at Wreck Beach that her name caught fire faster than a joint. 

Love Yourself

Being a girl has its perks, but it definitely isn’t easy. Too many girls criticize themselves too often. There are plenty of people who are critical of you in life; don’t make yourself one of them. If you can’t love yourself, how can you expect someone else to? Rather than looking in the mirror and picking apart every aspect of your face and body, think of yourself as a whole and realize that you are beautiful.

The media may portray only one body type as beautiful, but it’s not realistic because we weren’t all made with tall, slender, model-like physiques. Everyday girls have a lot more than just appearance to worry about and we don’t get the perks of having a makeup artist, hair stylist, clothing designer, fitness trainer, or the benefits of Photoshop. 

One fixation I’ve detected is that girls have a tendency to think they need to be ‘skinny’. If it’s a man you’re searching for, he most likely isn’t into that. Men like women with curves. There is even research that proves that a certain waist-to-hip ratio is most appealing because it is seen as more desirable due to fertility and birthing reasons. So, embrace what you were given. The fact of the matter is you can’t change your body structure. Whether you are tall, short, broad-shouldered, etc. is not going to change. Every girl should just strive to be healthy and happy. Confidence is key. Tumblr_lfjzmaisnz1qdss66o1_500_large
A second thing I’ve noticed is that going tanning is a phenomenon catching on like a plague. Sure, most girls would agree that they think they look better with a tan, but is tanning really worth it? Living in New England, most people lose their color in the winter and get it back in the summer. Down the road, tanning will be costly. Not only could it lead to skin cancer, but it also adds up financially and leads to premature aging. Anybody who actually loves you will love you just the way you are.