Your Confessions: Sex and College

Were you a virgin coming into college? Have had sex since entering? Why or why not?
  • No, I lost my virginity at 14. I don’t regret who I lost my virginity to, but I do regret how young I was. It certainly put me into a world I wasn’t ready to be in yet.
  • I was a virgin going into college but since then I have had sex because I really liked the person and we eventually ended up in a relationship.
  • I was not a virgin coming into college. Yet, I was in a very serious relationship and only slept with that one person.
  • Yes and yes. It was one of those things where I was in a new environment rather than a small hokey high school where everyone wrote me off as a wierdo. At college I was attractive and guys were actually interested in me so I ended up snagged a boyfriend pretty early on and got the sex out of the way. My rule with myself was not in high school anyways, and safe sex after that and that's what I did. I'm very sexual and enjoyed all the other things that I've done so I just bit the bullet and did it with my first college boyfriend. No regrets, although he was kind of a dink in the end, c'est lavie.
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