Your Confessions: Insecurities

Girlish Writings: What are you most insecure about and why?
  • My body. I have always had body image issues because I come from a Latin family and there has always been emphasis on looks and maintaining a healthy physique, which is nice to a point. But I was also in a relationship that constantly revolved around being fit, staying fit and always trying to prove that I was enough for my partner because he was blunt about wanting to be with someone who cared about their body. This was also healthy to a point. When there is so much pressure and emphasis on body image for a long period of time in those fragile teenage years it makes for bad habits and negative feelings. It is not ok to look in the mirror and constantly compare and tear yourself apart which is something I had become accustom to. It has been hard working through that and there have been countless up’s and down’s because you get to a point where you purposely sabotage yourself to spite all those people telling you to work out and eat better”
  • “My cellulite/ body fat. It makes me feel less attractive. A guy once told me that I had all these wonderful traits about me— my kindness, my feminity, my sense of humor and intelligence, but then remarked that he wouldn’t date me unless I lost 30 pounds”.
  • ”There are so many beautiful girls with such confidence and have normal backgrounds. I find myself somewhat attractive but I am always anxious and come with a lot of extra baggage. I usually assume the guy can do much better than me”.
  • “I wish I had skinnier legs and better knees. I’ve always been selfconcious about them. I look at other girls and wished I could have legs like them.”

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