Your Confessions: College Girls Really Drink Because .....

this gif is pretty tight
  • It feels good.
  • Everything's more fun!
  • Your body gets a little looser, you get a little more comfortable with your surroundings.
  • Nothing really matters.
  • I feel free and I have an excuse if I ever do something stupid.
  • Makes me talk more and I become extremely outgoing.
  • Everything seems funny when I drink and I am more prone to dancing if I am on my way to a party.
  • I am more worry-free. I'm too uptight when I'm sober.
  • It temporarily turns my filter off, I can say whats on my mind, and even better do whats on my mind.
  • It leaves stress behind haha
  • It breaks unnecessary boundaries
  • It's an escape from reality
  • It lowers my inhibitions and allows me to be more social. I feel invincible.
  • It always makes things more entertaining when no one can stand with out falling on their asses after getting off the ground two seconds earlier.
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*Note these confessions and secrets are not meant to glamorize or promote anything. We just recognize what some people actually think and do.  

Photography: Unknown found on Live Fast Die Young

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