The Story Behind the Curtains and Cameras

If you have not checked out the video “Webcam” by Zbros Productions posted earlier on Girlish Writings, you should now! It is an eye- opening video that was made to raise awareness about the dangers of technology exposing privacy. The video is based on real- life events that show what can happen when your private life gets exposed to the public via technology. Featured in this video is a young woman who becomes victim to a stalker, who watches her via the web cam on her computer. The actress who plays the unfortunate victim of cyber- stalking is Jasmine Osborne, a young woman from Kentucky. Jasmine is an aspiring actress, eager and motivated to put her talent to use. Jasmine's passion to express herself on stage began at the young age of 4, when she started ballet lessons; “I fell in love with it” states Jasmine in an interview with us. Her acting experience followed soon after as she was cast in her first regional musical Oliver! when she was ten years old. She continued to pursue her dream of acting as she “grew up doing musicals and dancing” and attended college at NC School of Arts where she did showcases for agents in N.Y and L.A. Her perseverance and efforts earned her a signing with Abrams Artists Agency straight out of school in 2010. Jasmine does a phenomenal job convincing the audience of “Webcam” that she is truly the victim of webcam stalking. Her realness is prevalent on and off-screen. Jasmine is very realistic when it comes to the business of acting. She is able to work very hard to achieve her goals of acting without being too naive. When asked about what advice she would give to aspiring actresses, she puts an emphasis on training; “For me, craft (an actor term for training) gives me a foundation to lean on during times of insecurity.” She doesn't let rejection bring her down either. She explained that she was not chosen for a part she interviewed for one time, but knew that it wasn't because of her acting skills; “I asked my agency to ask the casting director why I did not get called back – they did, and let me know that the casting director in fact adored me and wanted to call me in for another part later in the week for a different show. Simply, they had a different “type” of girl in mind for the part I had auditioned for” she acknowledges. This mind-set has earned her success and will continue to help her make a name for herself on stage and on screen. 
Jasmine tells us there are many reasons as to why she loves acting. One of which being the fact that she feels free to be herself; “Something I continue to love about acting is that it is an outlet to let all these big emotions out.” Her genuineness is evident again in her other reason as to why she loves acting which is simply because she loves the attention; “I love feeling loved and being clapped for” she reluctantly admits. This answer is not narcissistic in any way as she loves the attention not only for herself but for the sake of her audience: “I love having the power to move people and make them feel the way the playwright wanted them to feel when he/she wrote a script” she explains. At this point in her life, Jasmine tells us that she is working on “Just hanging out in today and not worrying about tomorrow... I’m looking for a way to feel more in control of my own success and fulfillment.” Jasmine is a young adult following the path of what makes her happy; acting. She is motivated and determined to achieve her dreams and with her continuous efforts and achievements, she will continue to succeed and bring happiness to her life.
 Author: Alicia Asnault 
Photography by Jasmine Osborne and Zbros Productions

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