When Wounded Rhymes Make Silent Cries

Sadness, a powerful paradoxical emotion, that many spend their lives attempting to fight or avoid. It doesn't take much to know that with sadness comes vulnerability, dwelling, failure to expectations, loneliness, mistakes, insecurities, self destruction, and possibly even death. Nevertheless, it's perhaps one of the most necessary emotions a person can have. Sometimes it's the only emotion one has, that many refuse to let go. Sadness reminds us and others around us that we feel, it shows our true selves, it haunts us into acceptance, and that we can't go through it alone. In April 2011, Swedish singer-songwriter, Lykke, Li debuted the music video for her new single, "Sadness is a blessing". Directed by Tarik Sale, the video opens with the singer, at a high end restaurant, drinking shot after shot, in front of a man, presumably her father or lover, portrayed by Stellan SkarsgÄrd.
As she drinks each shot, she stares at the man, who suggestively represents sadness, with a conniving smile, aware of the fact that it is making him angry. Testing him even more, she proceeds to laugh at him; and when he doesn't react she angrily gets up from the table. One can suspect, through her actions and the expression of the man's face, that the relationship between the two is clearly not a good one. However, right now, It appears as though she's willing to get his attention at any means possible.
After she stands up from the table and whispers something to the man's ear,Lykke Li proceeds to drunkenly dance around the restaurant; an action alluding to perhaps a mental breakdown. As she dances and taunts the man , we are able to catch a glimpse of her detachment from reality and subjectivity. At the same time we are also able to see the man's heart breaking as he watches his either daughter or lover slowly losing her mind. It is only until the owner of the restaurant and the server attempt to detain her, that the man finally stands up and grabs a hold of her. He wipes the hair away from her face and looks at her, acknowledging that he finally sees her, and embraces her. The film ends with Lykke Li crying into his shoulder, giving in to sadness...

Author: Athena Gomez-Hipolito

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