The Evolution of Levis Commercials

In 2009, American Clothing Company, Levi's, previously known for their advertisments based on sex appeal, submissiveness, love and relationships , shocked the world when they released a commercial, called "O Pioneers!". The commercial was an advertisment for Levi's new campaign ,Go Forth, an organization in support of creativity, independence, pushing boundaries, and generosity. It was this commercial, along with ones released after it's publication, that signified, to me at least, an evolution in marketing strategies, which also meant a major change in what's important to our generation now. As seen above, the commercial provides us with various clips of young people, like ourselves, engaging in acts of fun, craziness, love and laughter while a recording of Walt Whitman's recitation of his poem "Pioneers, O Pioneers" plays in the background.
 What makes this commercial so refreshing and inspiring is not only the obvious transformation in Levis marketing campaign, but also the reminder that we are in fact an evolutionary generation that is still continuing to change and grow. We are generation that carries out in acts of absurdity side by side with the kind of people, that once in history were not seen as equals. Together we carry out our fun with revolutionary dreams, pride, optimism, perseverance, a positive attitude, and a sense of unity. But now, according to Whitman, it is time we leave our youth behind in order to take on a bigger responsibility. It now time that we put forth our revolutionary characteristics and ideas towards changing the world.
Levis' Commercials throughout the decades

Commercials after 2009

Author: Athena Gomez-Hipolito
Company: Levi Strauss & Co.

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