Advice From A Girlish Writer: Single and Getting a Bit Tired of the Word Mingle

A Question Submitted by Umassgirl13:
It's My last year in college and though I should be enjoying every minute of it, I'm feeling a bit unaccomplished. In these four years I have watched a good amount of my friends find guys that have kept them company throughout their years of school. Unfortunately, I haven't found anybody close to that, which is starting to get me worried and a bit insecure

Advice From Girlish Writer: Hailey Walker
It is my personal opinion that men our age (aka college boys) are not ready for serious relationships. Yes, of course there are some exceptions, it is not impossible to meet a great guy/potential soul mate in college, but realistically, the chances are pretty slim for most.
Guys our age are simply not ready to settle down in their prime years of adolescent adulthood. This is their time to have fun, experiment, go wild, and most importantly, get it out of their system. They don't want to miss out on the "college experience," just to regret it later in life (potentially leading to relationship problems, especially infidelity). Eventually, these same rowdy boys will realize that "partying" will not keep them happy forever, but for now, I think we should just let them be.
You haven't found "mr. right" yet, but so what? This is just as much your time to have fun as it is his. Don't dwell on the relationship you don't have, instead, take advantage of the great things about being single! Meanwhile, you can "do you" while you hold out for the man of your dreams.
The best advice I could possibly give you is to use this time wisely, because as soon as these college boys grow into educated, experienced men, you'll be wifed up in no time!
Author: Hailey Walker
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