gucci gucci.. thats 1 bad bitch!

“One big room, full of bad bitches.” This catchy line was probably stuck in your head at least once after attending a house party this past semester. The artist of this song, Kreayshawn, was nominated for a VMA in the “best new artist” category. Kreayshawn is indeed a new artist, but will not be a one hit wonder; she is here to stay.
Kreayshawn’s real name is Natassia Gail Zolot. Her rap name is a play on the word “creation”. This is a fitting name for her as she does loves to create; “I was already writings poems for like ever and started sharing them” says Kreayshawn during an interview when asked about how she got into the music business. Kreayshawn describes her childhood and how she was “raised in a musical household”. Her mom “was all about the music”. Like mother like daughter, Kreayshawn is “all about the music” and is dedicated to getting her creations noticed and heard. However, Kreayshawn’s intentions weren’t always to become well known and famous; “I never had the intention of becoming something big, It was just about having fun and keeping the right attitude” explains Kreayshawn.

When asked about her biggest inspiration Kreayshawn responds “Probably would have to say the spice girls…They’re all about that girl power and they’re all so different”. She is also very inspired by Gwen Stefani, a woman who is totally unafraid to be herself. These inspirations have taught Kreayshawn how to be original and unaffected by other people’s judgments. This boldness is evident in her lyrics, such as “Gucci Gucci”, her most popular song in which she exerts her individuality by comparing herself to “basic bitches”. She raps “Basic bitches wear that shit so I don’t even bother”. Kreayshawn’s non-conservative lyrics and “bad-ass bitch” attitude sets her apart from other female artists. What also sets her apart is the fact that her talent goes further than just rapping. She is also a music video director. This ability derives from her belief that rapping and making music videos go hand in hand; “When you listen to music, you make a picture in your head of a story or in emotion, and with rap music, it can have the most ridiculous lyrics, but I’m able to make that picture in my head” she explains.
Kreayshawn plans to “make some Gwen Stefani moves” in the near future; “Getting into fashion, starting a clothing line. Doing and making more music videos, and producing some reality shows. I really want to do a lot of behind the scenes work on top of what I do already, so I can always have different forms my work out there” she explains. Kreayshawn has made a name for herself because of her numerous talents and spunky attitude. She deserves all of this attention, especially the nomination for “Best New Artist” and I have no doubt that she will continue to rise and make a name herself in the music industry.

Author:  Alixia Asnault
Images: Kreayshawn’s Instagram and Flickr, Kirka Veli &You Tube.

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