Expired Calender Craft!

Being a “working girl”,post college, has not only limited my spending and the possibility of a life, but has also opened the door to many crafty opportunities that are economical, inexpensive, and amusing.

Teriyaki Fried Vegetables and Eggs

 Most of the Girlish Writers including myself listed "Eating Healthier" as one of our new years resolutions; so lately this summer I've been playing around in the kitchen seeing what I could come up with. I really wanted to create a dish that not only was very healthy and consisted of mostly vegetables, but was also flavorful and filling.  As a result, I came up with an easy  meal that made eating healthy very satisfying.

Sally Hansen Salon Effects: My Latest Beauty addiction!

For as long as I can remember, I've always loved getting my nails painted, and at UMass, I constantly  got them professionally done for the weekends.  Unfortunately, shortly right after I graduated from college, I learned the hard lesson that time is money and that I had neither.  Due to my college debt and crazy work hours, I no longer had them time to get a manicure at the nail salon, and even if I did, I certainly couldn't justify spending the little money I had on one. So for a while I frequently rocked the natural look and every once in a while applying the basic pink or purple nail polish.   And then I met Sally....

The Fragrance: “Expensive Hooker”? Maybe.

Photography by Steven Klein
My initial reaction to Lady Gaga’s “Fame” perfume was slight disappointment due to my mounting anticipation since I first heard that Mother Monster was coming out with a fragrance. But still, my senses were intrigued and the scent, though not quite ‘hooker’ was still delicious. I liked the fragrance more and more as I walked around Sephora, frequently smelling, my wrist, struggling to take it all in. Okay, this could be what a high-class hooker might smell like. An expensive escort. Intriguing, sexy, demure, classy- you even have to chase it a little bit.

Tie Knotted Crop Tops!

Having recently graduated from college, I've found myself in a position where during the week I am broke and bored!Let's face it college grads, with this economy and our circumstances, the world is not ours yet to form. So, to let the time go by and save a little money, I've spent a substantial amount of time working on articles and DIY projects! 

Shaping Yourself Into the Strong Person You CAN Be!

April 30, 2012 was the first time I ever put food into my mouth and did not feel guilt.

Let’s be honest, ladies:  Most of us think about every single piece of nutrition that goes into our mouth, whether we are actively trying to be our healthiest selves or not.  In an effort to deal with our food guilt, we make excuses.  “Everything in moderation”, “One piece won’t hurt”, “I’ll be ‘good’ tomorrow”, or – the very worst place to be – “I’m so far gone, it doesn't matter”

Indie Film of the Month: Dreamland

There’s no doubt that this year’s fall is in for some rainy weather where all you can do is stay inside, rest in your home and watch a few movies.  But instead of watching your favorite actors and actresses on a film that you’ve already seen or heard about all over the media, why not watch them on an independent film? 
Independent films, often referred to as “Indie films”, are perhaps Hollywood’s best kept secret, in the sense that they only ones who seem to know about them is anyone in the movie business.  Unlike films that are produced by a major film studio in order to entertain and make a profit, Indie films are made for the love and passion of the story. In many viewers’ opinions, including the ones who determine the Academy Awards, Indie films provide original story lines and the boldest work of any famous actor or actress.

Dreamland is a coming of age film set in the deserts of New Mexico and explores the ideas of friendship,

Ear Cuff Trend Sweeps the Lobe

Are you the kind of girl who spends more time accessorizing than sleeping? ME TOO! Last summer, I chopped my hair the shortest I’ve ever had it, almost into a bob. While I’ve always loved chandelier earrings and hoops, my new hairstyle gave me an excuse to shop for even bigger, more outrageous earrings.

Fast forward to the end of summer 2012 and I am still on the hunt for awesome ear embellishments. My latest addiction? Ear cuffs. This new-age jewelry can range from a single, conservative cuff to one that consumes your entire lobe. Stars like Fergie and Rihanna have been on the trend for a while, and now you can buy stunning cuffs and chains from stores such as Top Shop and Urban Outfitters.
These ear pieces are a must-have; way cooler than traditional earrings, and when hair is short or swept to one side, they are a sexy statement piece.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Wedges : A comfortable alternative.

 Forever 21 $32.80

This summer stores have been stocking wedges. I see wedges as the less-chunky version of a platform shoe. They allow women to be comfortable (as opposed to sky high heels) while still looking good. My favorite type of wedge is the woven wedge. The khaki color sandals remind me of a warm, sunny beach day. These sandals can be worn with a variety of outfits and social events from the beach to the club.

I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself

This song and specifically this music video is perhaps one of my all time favorites for the fact that anybody

High school Yearbook Dressing

Swirl: A Revolutionary App for Fashionistas!

When it comes to shopping for outfits, I don’t dress to impress, I dress to express; which means I hardly ever buy clothes on impulse.  Almost every type of clothing and accessory that I own has been methodically chosen based on a combination of look, comfort, price, quality, uniqueness, ambiguity, my mood of the day, and of course ideas formed from my inspiration and imagination. When it comes to shopping, I try to avoid just picking out outfits online that look good on someone else’s body  and allow me to keep up with the style.  Instead, I take great joy and pride in going out to stores and finding outfits that I can work with in order to create and express my own unique style.

Haircare for Natural Hair

 Any product junkie will tell you that natural hair products are in right now! For example, many shampoos have harsh chemicals such as sulfates. These chemicals are also the same cleansing substances found in detergents! For many heads (especially curly and course hair) these can be very damaging. They dry out the hair making it very difficult to manage and style.

Colourful Carla: spirit sticks DIY

One Six-Pack on the Rocks, Please?


Tumblr_lnx3c4fn981qm5btmo1_500_large When it comes to working out, there is always that moment of hesitation right before you strip off your cute jeans or comfy PJ’s and pull up those black spandex.  Ugh, do I really feel like running right now? It happens every time, even though you know you’re going to suck it up, grab your iPod, and get a move on before your mind wanders too far into last night’s leftovers.

Want to travel this summer?

Put these 5 Famous Sights at the top of your list!

Newport, Rhode Island (Newport Mansions)  Preservation Society of Newport County

Dream Big

 I met D’Arcy in New York a few years ago, when both of our dreams were a bit unclear.  It was only after a cup of coffee and some pastries at a small shop in the Upper East Side, followed a few Facebook messages back and forth, that I realized that D’Arcy and I had a lot in common.  Although we weren’t sure of our journey, we definitely shared a passion for helping others, especially woman, to open their eyes to the beauty of life and love.

Fast forward to three years later and D’Arcy is now the owner and founder of D'Arcy Benincossa Photography, in which she is able to tell the stories of the countless people she meets through the lens of a camera.  Inspired by her drive, ambition, and most importantly her beautiful photography, I asked D’Arcy if she wouldn’t mind writing an inspirational article about her story for GW.  Of course being the artist that she is, she decided to go above and beyond a simple article.

Cinnamon Spinach and Berry Salad

At the end of April, a few of the Girlish Writers decided to get together to celebrate our last classes of the semester as well as Maria, Hope, Matt, and my graduation.  Having a strong desire to experiment with the video camera and acknowledging the fact that there’s nothing wrong with mixing a little business with pleasure, I thought it be a great idea to film some Instructional cooking videos.  I knew for my video that I wanted to make something that satisfied both my sweet tooth and love for fresh fruits and vegetables; so I decided to make the infamous Cinnamon Spinach and Berry Salad.

A Different Type of Workout

Sawan Mela 2010 
There are many different types of dance forms all around the world. One of the most energetic forms is the Punjabi (Indian) Bhangra or folk dance. This traditional dance was used to welcome the coming of spring in the farming areas. It has been universally called the dance of India.

Punjabi is a vibrant and boisterous dance that is great for exercise. So instead of complaining through boring old crunches, sit-ups and squats, why not enjoy a bit of culture and dance? Here’s a video of this full body workout dance phenomenon. In recent years it has been popularized in fusion with reggae, rap and hip-hop and through Bollywood (Indian Hollywood) films.
This is an English University team called Empire who frequently dominates the Bhangra Showdown competition in the UK. Traditionally, Bhangra was performed soley

6 Juicy Slices of Watermelon Advice

It’s one of the biggest, most buzz-worthy political issues today: legalization of marijuana. Some argue that this little green plant is devilish enough to degrade brain cells while others claim its THC content can aid cancer patients. Are those petitioning for legalization just a bunch of cotton-mouthed potheads or are users really on to something?
Well, Girlish Writings had the awesome opportunity of interviewing a lovely, educated, and self-made woman by the name of Watermelon. Watermelon was raised and continues to reside in Vancouver, Canada. Watermelon first got her nickname by selling watermelon slices on Vancouver’s clothing-optional Wreck Beach. But it wasn’t until Watermelon began selling marijuana ginger snap cookies at Wreck Beach that her name caught fire faster than a joint. 

Love Yourself

Being a girl has its perks, but it definitely isn’t easy. Too many girls criticize themselves too often. There are plenty of people who are critical of you in life; don’t make yourself one of them. If you can’t love yourself, how can you expect someone else to? Rather than looking in the mirror and picking apart every aspect of your face and body, think of yourself as a whole and realize that you are beautiful.

The media may portray only one body type as beautiful, but it’s not realistic because we weren’t all made with tall, slender, model-like physiques. Everyday girls have a lot more than just appearance to worry about and we don’t get the perks of having a makeup artist, hair stylist, clothing designer, fitness trainer, or the benefits of Photoshop. 

One fixation I’ve detected is that girls have a tendency to think they need to be ‘skinny’. If it’s a man you’re searching for, he most likely isn’t into that. Men like women with curves. There is even research that proves that a certain waist-to-hip ratio is most appealing because it is seen as more desirable due to fertility and birthing reasons. So, embrace what you were given. The fact of the matter is you can’t change your body structure. Whether you are tall, short, broad-shouldered, etc. is not going to change. Every girl should just strive to be healthy and happy. Confidence is key. Tumblr_lfjzmaisnz1qdss66o1_500_large
A second thing I’ve noticed is that going tanning is a phenomenon catching on like a plague. Sure, most girls would agree that they think they look better with a tan, but is tanning really worth it? Living in New England, most people lose their color in the winter and get it back in the summer. Down the road, tanning will be costly. Not only could it lead to skin cancer, but it also adds up financially and leads to premature aging. Anybody who actually loves you will love you just the way you are.

Audrey Kitching: Fashionista? Entrepenur? Or Both?

I’m going to have to say there is not one bad thing I can say about Audrey Kitching, other than the fact that there aren’t more people like her out there. With her eccentric yet unique sense of style, her talent in almost about everything, her confidence and let’s not forget, her off-the-wall gorgeous hairdos, Audrey has hit the internet world as well as the fashion world with a storm, and it’s not stopping anytime soon.

gucci gucci.. thats 1 bad bitch!

“One big room, full of bad bitches.” This catchy line was probably stuck in your head at least once after attending a house party this past semester. The artist of this song, Kreayshawn, was nominated for a VMA in the “best new artist” category. Kreayshawn is indeed a new artist, but will not be a one hit wonder; she is here to stay.
Kreayshawn’s real name is Natassia Gail Zolot. Her rap name is a play on the word “creation”. This is a fitting name for her as she does loves to create; “I was already writings poems for like ever and started sharing them” says Kreayshawn during an interview when asked about how she got into the music business. Kreayshawn describes her childhood and how she was “raised in a musical household”. Her mom “was all about the music”. Like mother like daughter, Kreayshawn is “all about the music” and is dedicated to getting her creations noticed and heard. However, Kreayshawn’s intentions weren’t always to become well known and famous; “I never had the intention of becoming something big, It was just about having fun and keeping the right attitude” explains Kreayshawn.

When asked about her biggest inspiration Kreayshawn responds “Probably would have to say the spice girls…They’re all about that girl power and they’re all so different”. She is also very inspired by Gwen Stefani, a woman who is totally unafraid to be herself. These inspirations have taught Kreayshawn how to be original and unaffected by other people’s judgments. This boldness is evident in her lyrics, such as “Gucci Gucci”, her most popular song in which she exerts her individuality by comparing herself to “basic bitches”. She raps “Basic bitches wear that shit so I don’t even bother”. Kreayshawn’s non-conservative lyrics and “bad-ass bitch” attitude sets her apart from other female artists. What also sets her apart is the fact that her talent goes further than just rapping. She is also a music video director. This ability derives from her belief that rapping and making music videos go hand in hand; “When you listen to music, you make a picture in your head of a story or in emotion, and with rap music, it can have the most ridiculous lyrics, but I’m able to make that picture in my head” she explains.
Kreayshawn plans to “make some Gwen Stefani moves” in the near future; “Getting into fashion, starting a clothing line. Doing and making more music videos, and producing some reality shows. I really want to do a lot of behind the scenes work on top of what I do already, so I can always have different forms my work out there” she explains. Kreayshawn has made a name for herself because of her numerous talents and spunky attitude. She deserves all of this attention, especially the nomination for “Best New Artist” and I have no doubt that she will continue to rise and make a name herself in the music industry.

Author:  Alixia Asnault
Images: Kreayshawn’s Instagram and Flickr, Kirka Veli &You Tube.

What frienships are better?

I remember coming across this video sophomore year and it definitely had me laughing. It also made me realize just how strong guy friendships are. Think about, their frienships are usually longer than girls and when it comes to their relationships, the word, "judgment", can be thrown out the window. Based on these lyrics alone, you can tell they don't seem to dwell on the past, but instead focus on the here and now, which is not a girls best quality. I wonder; are the friendships between guys stronger than the ones with girls?  Prior to seeing this video I would have thought otherwise, but after reflecting and repeating these catchy lyrics, I might have to reconsider.

Author: Athena Gomez-Hipolito
Video: Eric Magee
Music: The G-Gang

Follow him on Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/MageezyE

Did It Again?

This song is a perfect description of how a good amount of young girls feel when either hooking up with the same guy repeatedly or getting back together with an ex boyfriend, who were most likley players or A-holes. It's strange speaking for most girls, we are aware that it's a mistake we seem to keep on repeating. Deep down we know the chances of any good coming out of it is about 10%. It's just we believe in that small percentage so much that it seems to make us oblivios towards any type of sensibility whatsoever. We let our feelings get the best of us....

Author: Athena Gomez-Hipolito

Do You Beleive In Magic?

 While lounging on my futon with my three other roommates watching yet another Harry Potter weekend on ABC Family we discussed what exactly it was that drew us to the movies in the first place. Our initial conclusion was that since we and Harry were always the same age growing up we felt like we could relate to him and just as easily have been the child taken out of the cupboard on 4 Privot Drive. That’s when we realized what it was that kept us reading each progressively heavier novel until the very end, the small glimmer of hope that we ourselves could be whisked off to a land far, far away. When you’re growing up there’s so much magic out there from Santa Clause to the tooth fairy that you’re given a false sense of hope that it could all be real. Yet even as an adult I still love the idea of magic, it just seems to take on different forms. Twlight, True Blood and Vampire Dairies clearly confirm that creatures, demons and magic aren’t just for kids. Even the most recent Harry Potter movie had the biggest opening yet, further proving that magic doesn’t disappear with age. But at what point do we need to stop and except our reality?

While Twi-hards have become almost commonplace, people still find obsessive World of Warcraft gamers or avid Wiccans to be very odd. So where do we draw the line? The ability to discern the difference between what’s real and what isn’t is only part of the answer to this question. Obviouslysomeone in a cape and witches hat would cause heads to turn, but even college campuses have well-educated young adults running around with brooms between their legs. In the end everyone has a love of something that only the imagination can bring to life. Its through dreams and believing in the impossible that innovative and revolutionary creations can be made. Although I wouldn’t advise a quest for Neverland, there’s nothing stopping you from pushing the limits of your curiosity and being hopelessly addicted to a series of novels about a young boy who’s life turned upside-down with magic.

Author: Emily Tynan
Photography: Girlish Writings, Wildfox and Weheartit

A Look Into How Guys Really Feel When They Fall

While looking for pictures that I could use for this particular article, I stumbled across a list explaining to girls the signs of falling for someone.
Now, had I or any other girl saw this graphic prior to writing or reading this article, I would carefully read it, related to it, and then maybe gushed 25% of my time thinking about that particular crush of mine. However, after a ladies night out, a couple of epiphanies, and a few interviews with guys, I came to realize that this list really meant absolutely nothing.....
It was on our way home, from a night out in the town, when one my best friends received a text from a guy friend confessing his love to her. After reading the text out loud and expressing her feelings of shock, naturally the rest us chimed in our "two cents"(psychological analysis that we are able to come up with in a two minute time period). We needed to reason out this revealed mystery. It wasn't until the conversation ended and I was at my house that I rethought the situation. Maybe we were looking to much into this. Is it possible this guy's feelings towards her were blatantly obvious the whole time?

So, using Facebook, I asked a wide range of men – from the “Bros” to the “average Joe’s”-- the question:

How do you know when you and/or your guy friends are starting to fall for a girl?

Exclusive Interview with Student-Athlete Dalis Connell

Many young women hold one shared priority: to go above and beyond in any task she should undertake. Each one does so inspired by the sometimes frightening, often thrilling anticipation of asserting herself in the real world; meeting new challenges and opportunities with both fervor and perseverance. These girls can be labeled as a “go-getters”: the ones who love discovering new talents and abilities within themselves, followed by the urge to apply these in an effort to succeed. It’s a revolution that is spreading quickly throughout the girls of this generation, and will undoubtedly result in the most successful wave of women in human history. These young ladies are the future, but that perspective can be so easily lost in the chaotic period of post-adolescence. With this in mind, Girlish Writings has decided to highlight a nineteen-year-old student who can be viewed as a prime example of just what talent, determination and a great sense of work ethic can result in.

Meet Dalis Connell: a student, athlete, motivator, and innovator. After living with her mother in Southern California, Dalis moved to Chattanooga, Tennessee when she was 16 and is now a track star for Tennessee Tech University, admitted on an athletic scholarship and a sterling reputation. If there is one way to describe Dalis, it is passionate: she has taken her focus of study in Pre-Physical Therapy and Personal Training to the highest degree through her athletic achievements, providing advice on diet and fitness, and a newfound career in modeling.  As an author of several fitness blogs, and with more than 23,000 followers on Twitter, Dalis not only vigorously pursues her own goals, but is also acting as a great inspiration for others. Another way that Dalis gives her time and energy toward a greater cause can be seen through her significant involvement with community service, as it gives her a great amount of satisfaction to enrich the lives of others. One thing is evident: Dalis has an insatiable thirst for success and tangible results. Girlish Writings had the pleasure of discussing her views on personal fitness and the modeling industry, how she has gotten to where she is today, and all the incentives that have helped push her along the way.

The Evolution of Levis Commercials

In 2009, American Clothing Company, Levi's, previously known for their advertisments based on sex appeal, submissiveness, love and relationships , shocked the world when they released a commercial, called "O Pioneers!". The commercial was an advertisment for Levi's new campaign ,Go Forth, an organization in support of creativity, independence, pushing boundaries, and generosity. It was this commercial, along with ones released after it's publication, that signified, to me at least, an evolution in marketing strategies, which also meant a major change in what's important to our generation now. As seen above, the commercial provides us with various clips of young people, like ourselves, engaging in acts of fun, craziness, love and laughter while a recording of Walt Whitman's recitation of his poem "Pioneers, O Pioneers" plays in the background.
 What makes this commercial so refreshing and inspiring is not only the obvious transformation in Levis marketing campaign, but also the reminder that we are in fact an evolutionary generation that is still continuing to change and grow. We are generation that carries out in acts of absurdity side by side with the kind of people, that once in history were not seen as equals. Together we carry out our fun with revolutionary dreams, pride, optimism, perseverance, a positive attitude, and a sense of unity. But now, according to Whitman, it is time we leave our youth behind in order to take on a bigger responsibility. It now time that we put forth our revolutionary characteristics and ideas towards changing the world.
Levis' Commercials throughout the decades

Commercials after 2009

Author: Athena Gomez-Hipolito
Company: Levi Strauss & Co.

Dance Baby Dance

For dancers and choreographers looking for inspiration, YouTube videos are like gold. Being a Zumba® instructor, I subscribe to a number of different YouTube channels to keep my creative juices flowing and my dance moves fresh.
Girlish Writings touched base with Emily Sasson, a dance instructor at Cherry Creek Dance in Denver, Colorado. Emily’s YouTube channel, featuring choreography to the hottest songs, is one of my most visited—but I’m not the only one checking out her vids. Any one of Emily’s videos has gotten between 100,000 and 5,000,000 views… and those numbers are rapidly creeping higher.

Emily is originally from Madison, Connecticut, teaches in Colorado, and travels quite frequently back and forth from the East Coast working with various studios, as well as collegiate and professional dance teams.

We asked Emily some questions to learn a little more about her and from where she draws her inspiration.
Girlish Writings: How long have you been a dancer? Describe your process, history and the steps you had to take to get there.
Emily Sasson: I didn’t start taking dance seriously until I was about 15. From there, I studied all forms of dance offered (ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical etc.). My Connecticut studio didn’t really have ‘hip hop,’ so at 17, I started teaching my own hip hop classes at my studio—traveling back and forth from NYC to take classes at Broadway Dance Center and Steps. I went off to college and chose not to study dance, but I continued with my training. Shortly after I graduated I became a teacher for various different studios in New York, Connecticut and Rhode Island.

GW: What is about dance/hip-hop that you love so much?
ES: Hip hop is forever changing. As a choreographer and teacher, one constantly has to keep evolving to create fresh new ideas for students—It keeps me on my toes! For those who aren’t dancers… compare it to fashion. Think of how often clothing styles change… its very similar to the dance industry.

GW: How do you feel when you’re in the middle of performing or dancing in general?
ES: It’s an incredible feeling to perform no matter where you are. I don’t think any dancer ever really loses the nervous, butterfly, excited feeling in your stomach that comes right before you step on stage. It’s an indescribable feeling!

GW: Describe your YouTube videos—Where did it start? Who are the lovely dancers in your videos?
ES: I was incredibly lucky with my YouTube videos. I posted my first video around this time 3 years ago and it was to “Starstruck” by Lady GaGa. This was right before she became famous, so the song was highly searched on YouTube. As a result, my video kept popping up.

At the time, dance videos were just starting to get big on YouTube so my friends told me to start making some videos. I had never even edited a video before so they’re all raw footage. I uploaded them and never looked at it again until about a month later and I had almost 100,000 views! I was so excited! From there I started to gain an incredible fan base and just kept uploading videos.

Dancers come and go throughout my videos, some just drop-ins for my classes, but I do have a few that are still there and they give me such inspiration to keep on choreographing!
First dancer is VQ… She’s my best friend and my roommate. She and I are constantly bouncing choreography ideas off each other & dancing around in our living room. VQ’s a
choreographer too (find her on YouTube… she’s amazing)!

Next is the ever so popular, Valentino. He came to me about 2 1/2 years ago and had never danced before in his life (check out his first video, it’s “Boom Boom Pow”… hilarious)! Regardless, I saw so much potential in him and all he wanted to do was learn… So he started coming to my classes 4 days a week, training in all different styles and now he’s living in LA on the Edge Scholarship pursuing his dream. Paige (tall blonde) and Alyssa (tall brunette) have also been around for about 2 years and are incredibly talented and dedicated dancers! Recently, I’ve started asking some of my younger students to take class.—you’ll notice Chera (12) and Kaylin (14). I’ve been teaching Cher since she was 8. She is the epitome of a driven and talented dancer not to mention the sweetest kid you’ll ever meet. Kaylin joined us about a year ago, and we all just love her energy and style. Sorry to ramble… I love my students!

GW: Who’s your biggest inspiration/motivation?
ES: I would say the first artist to ever inspire me was Janet Jackson. My dream as a child (and still now, haha) is to be her backup dancer. Tina Landon was the first choreographer that made me want to become one myself. Those were my constants throughout the years, but as I said earlier, it’s always inspiring to watch all these incredible choreographers that are on the map. YouTube is an incredible tool to help future dancers and choreographers keep up-to-date with styles. My motivation – hands down – is my students. I teach almost 30 hours a week, give or take, and a majority of my students are under the age of 13. As I watch them grow, they push me to get more creative—otherwise they get bored… and they’re not afraid to tell me (haha)! They’re always coming to class saying things like “Did you see this??” “Can we learn how to do stuff like that??” “I want to do tricks!” They’re the best!

ES: My goal for 2012 is to start expanding and traveling more. I love having my home base here in Denver, but am looking to work with more teams and studios throughout the US.

GW: What’s your biggest dream for yourself?
ES: As cheesy as it is, I am living my dream right now. My life is dedicated to teaching and working with dancers of all ages. I want to continue doing this as long as I walk! Then I’ll probably just teach from a chair (J). But becoming a traveling teacher/choreographer would be pretty awesome!

GW: If a person wants to become a hip/hop dancer what’s the best advice you can give them?
ES: I would say don’t ever give up! Keep taking classes of all different styles (hip hop, jazz, contemporary, ballet). Be the best dancer you can be! It’s always a bonus to be a well-rounded dancer. Also, get yourself out there! Facebook, YouTube, Twitter… the internet is a great tool to keep in constant contact with the world.

Thank you, Emily, for the amazing interview. Also, thank you for being an inspiration to all dancers and choreographers alike!

Follow Emily Sasson:
Facebook: facebook.com/emilysassonchoreography
Twitter: @EmilyGSasson
YouTube: YouTube.com/DancErGrl876

Advice From A Girlish Writer: Single and Getting a Bit Tired of the Word Mingle

A Question Submitted by Umassgirl13:
It's My last year in college and though I should be enjoying every minute of it, I'm feeling a bit unaccomplished. In these four years I have watched a good amount of my friends find guys that have kept them company throughout their years of school. Unfortunately, I haven't found anybody close to that, which is starting to get me worried and a bit insecure

Advice From Girlish Writer: Hailey Walker
It is my personal opinion that men our age (aka college boys) are not ready for serious relationships. Yes, of course there are some exceptions, it is not impossible to meet a great guy/potential soul mate in college, but realistically, the chances are pretty slim for most.
Guys our age are simply not ready to settle down in their prime years of adolescent adulthood. This is their time to have fun, experiment, go wild, and most importantly, get it out of their system. They don't want to miss out on the "college experience," just to regret it later in life (potentially leading to relationship problems, especially infidelity). Eventually, these same rowdy boys will realize that "partying" will not keep them happy forever, but for now, I think we should just let them be.
You haven't found "mr. right" yet, but so what? This is just as much your time to have fun as it is his. Don't dwell on the relationship you don't have, instead, take advantage of the great things about being single! Meanwhile, you can "do you" while you hold out for the man of your dreams.
The best advice I could possibly give you is to use this time wisely, because as soon as these college boys grow into educated, experienced men, you'll be wifed up in no time!
Author: Hailey Walker
Photography: XG_M and Girlish Writings
Model: Rebecca Germano
Icon: Jerany

When Wounded Rhymes Make Silent Cries

Sadness, a powerful paradoxical emotion, that many spend their lives attempting to fight or avoid. It doesn't take much to know that with sadness comes vulnerability, dwelling, failure to expectations, loneliness, mistakes, insecurities, self destruction, and possibly even death. Nevertheless, it's perhaps one of the most necessary emotions a person can have. Sometimes it's the only emotion one has, that many refuse to let go. Sadness reminds us and others around us that we feel, it shows our true selves, it haunts us into acceptance, and that we can't go through it alone. In April 2011, Swedish singer-songwriter, Lykke, Li debuted the music video for her new single, "Sadness is a blessing". Directed by Tarik Sale, the video opens with the singer, at a high end restaurant, drinking shot after shot, in front of a man, presumably her father or lover, portrayed by Stellan Skarsgård.
As she drinks each shot, she stares at the man, who suggestively represents sadness, with a conniving smile, aware of the fact that it is making him angry. Testing him even more, she proceeds to laugh at him; and when he doesn't react she angrily gets up from the table. One can suspect, through her actions and the expression of the man's face, that the relationship between the two is clearly not a good one. However, right now, It appears as though she's willing to get his attention at any means possible.
After she stands up from the table and whispers something to the man's ear,Lykke Li proceeds to drunkenly dance around the restaurant; an action alluding to perhaps a mental breakdown. As she dances and taunts the man , we are able to catch a glimpse of her detachment from reality and subjectivity. At the same time we are also able to see the man's heart breaking as he watches his either daughter or lover slowly losing her mind. It is only until the owner of the restaurant and the server attempt to detain her, that the man finally stands up and grabs a hold of her. He wipes the hair away from her face and looks at her, acknowledging that he finally sees her, and embraces her. The film ends with Lykke Li crying into his shoulder, giving in to sadness...

Author: Athena Gomez-Hipolito

Your Confessions: College Girls Really Drink Because .....

this gif is pretty tight
  • It feels good.
  • Everything's more fun!
  • Your body gets a little looser, you get a little more comfortable with your surroundings.
  • Nothing really matters.
  • I feel free and I have an excuse if I ever do something stupid.
  • Makes me talk more and I become extremely outgoing.
  • Everything seems funny when I drink and I am more prone to dancing if I am on my way to a party.
  • I am more worry-free. I'm too uptight when I'm sober.
  • It temporarily turns my filter off, I can say whats on my mind, and even better do whats on my mind.
  • It leaves stress behind haha
  • It breaks unnecessary boundaries
  • It's an escape from reality
  • It lowers my inhibitions and allows me to be more social. I feel invincible.
  • It always makes things more entertaining when no one can stand with out falling on their asses after getting off the ground two seconds earlier.
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Photography: Unknown found on Live Fast Die Young

Jasmine Osborne


Girlish Writings talks with upcoming actress Jasmine Osborne on her thoughts, feelings, and inspirations on acting. 
Video composed by Athena Gomez-Hipolito and Jasmine Osborne Music by Peter Johnson