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Broke for the Holidays? In Need of a Gift? Artistically Challenged? Looking for an easy craft?
Look no further...Last week my roommate and I, were finally invited a membership to Pinterest, and once we surfed the site, we immediately became obsessed with the crafts featured on it, especially the crayon craft! Planning the fun time a little in advance, my roommate drove to Michaels where she was able to buy canvases, a big box of crayons, super glue, and craft. Once I was done with one of my final the once stressful day became a mixture of laughing, Mikes Hard Lemonades, and art.

Here’s what we did:

What you need: Blow dryer, canvas, box of crayons, a towel, both craft glue and super glue,.

Step 1: Lay the canvas on top of towel on the ground in order to avoid any wax stains.

Step 2: Line the crayons up right above the canvas(try any color design!)

Step 3: One by one glue each crayon on top of the canvas, using superglue on the canvas and craft glue on the crayon.

Step 4: do a quick blow dry over all the crayons so the glue can dry

Step 5: Bring the blow dryer closer to the crayons turning it up to full heat, and one by one melt your crayons until the drip down the canvas

WARNING: make sure you blow it at an angle in order for it to melt DOWN Canvas
Authors: Janelle Driscoll and Athena Gomez-Hipolito

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