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Broke for the Holidays? In Need of a Gift? Artistically Challenged? Looking for an easy craft?
Look no further...Last week my roommate and I, were finally invited a membership to Pinterest, and once we surfed the site, we immediately became obsessed with the crafts featured on it, especially the crayon craft! Planning the fun time a little in advance, my roommate drove to Michaels where she was able to buy canvases, a big box of crayons, super glue, and craft. Once I was done with one of my final the once stressful day became a mixture of laughing, Mikes Hard Lemonades, and art.

Here’s what we did:

What you need: Blow dryer, canvas, box of crayons, a towel, both craft glue and super glue,.

Step 1: Lay the canvas on top of towel on the ground in order to avoid any wax stains.

Step 2: Line the crayons up right above the canvas(try any color design!)

Step 3: One by one glue each crayon on top of the canvas, using superglue on the canvas and craft glue on the crayon.

Step 4: do a quick blow dry over all the crayons so the glue can dry

Step 5: Bring the blow dryer closer to the crayons turning it up to full heat, and one by one melt your crayons until the drip down the canvas

WARNING: make sure you blow it at an angle in order for it to melt DOWN Canvas
Authors: Janelle Driscoll and Athena Gomez-Hipolito

fashion forward - targhrid..

We girls love our layers, especially now that winter’s on its way. But we can only stand so much layering until we are totally smothered from the mess of scarves, cardigans, capes, tights and whatnot hugging us and constricting our movement! Recently I’ve been going for light, breezy and understated dressing. This has stemmed from a month-long blog binge on recently discovering Taghrid’s blog. I love the simplicity and absolute frankness that Taghrid integrates in her outfits. Breezy, sheer fabrics and light colors spiked with neutrals and hints of black; it’s a breath of fresh air and a nice break from the copious amounts of drapes and layers I’ve been seeing on lookbook.nu and every other girl on the street. 

Taghrid describes her style as “a hodgepodge of girlyness, vintage, and trashy-turned-appropriate pieces”, but I can say that the most I can attribute to her is her downright uncomplicated and effortless way of dressing.

That’s exactly the inspiration I took for a recent trip to a theme park with my friends. I wore a loose, sheer, wide-neck peach-salmon-y top with khaki skorts (a skirt with shorts inside hihi). I know the outfit would’ve looked better on a grass field than a theme park, but I’m not really the type who dresses for the occasion :-p.

Author: Alessi Brugada
Photos by: Taghrid and Alessi Brugad

Love & other expectations

“The Best Kind of Love is When You Have No Expectations at All”
After thinking about this question for a mere five minutes I realized, that it was way too intense to be answered by one person, I needed more opinions. So I hit the streets… with my girls in the car to go shopping, and then I went on Facebook after to find some answers.

Now when I first read this quote I smiled and I thought “Aww, that’s cute and it makes total sense”. However, after looking at this statement a few times I thought to myself, “Wait a second, Doesn’t Love Require Expectations”?

While doing research for my website, I came across a highly publicized quote that said:

Here’s just Some of What the People had to Say:
  • “Of course love requires expectations, at least a certain level of expectations. I think every person has in their mind what they are looking for or expecting with “love” or falling in love. All of one’s expectations may not be met when they do find love, but that doesn’t mean some expectations weren’t meant to get there. (I think the expectations of love are in your mind and you subconsciously shift out things in people and people in general that you know you won’t find those expectations in)”
  • ·“It’s a hard question to ask, but I think yes. Everything in life requires expectations, otherwise we’d have nothing to reach for, no place to grow to. Expectations are there even if they are of us. I think that in a relationship it depends on the expectations. In friendship, you expect your friend to be your friend and hope that they’ll be there for you. In love, maybe you expect the person to love and respect you. If we did not have these expectations, we would merely walk all over each other. Not that it stops a lot of people. I think the question is, do expectations change the nature of the relationship, or would it have been the way it is regardless?­”
  • ·“I don’t think it requires it, but people definitely have expectations of what “love” is. But really it’s what you make of it. love is diverse”
  • ·“It depends on the timing.Like, if you are just starting a relationship with someone, then no, you shouldn’t have expectations, just have fun.Once the relationship turns into something serious like love is when you should have certain expectations”.
After reading many responses like the one’s above, which were very heartfelt and meaningful, I still was little confused .This is L-O-V-E we are talking here; one of the biggest mysteries of all time.The Beatles even said it’s all we needed.A day later, I was helping my dad set up the new grill for the backyard. While we were attaching the actual grill to everything else, he paused, took a drag from his cigarette (cliche; I know), and said:

I mean yes, the quote in the beginning was indeed a little ridiculous.Though many expectations of love can be rather unrealistic, it’s very impractical to think that people don’t have expectations for it.People have expectations for everything, it’s how we work.But to say that love requires them is also saying something else.It’s putting a rule on the word.It’s giving it standards.It no longer is just a feeling. Love can’t really require expectations, it’s intuitive. Regardless of if you have expectations or not, you’re still going to love that person just the same.Relationships…… those are what require expectations.

So here I am now, sitting in my room staring at this computer, like I have been for the past few days, and I have no idea what to say.Unlike everything else that can be contradicted, and toyed with, when it comes to love, it’s probably the hardest thing to decipherer.I question if it’s even possible and I am probably the last person who could do so.

I think I’ll just have to accept the fact that whether it requires expectations or not, Love just is, and that every question that can be asked about it will always just lead into another one…..